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Born and raised in the Detroit area, Kirabelle is a singer / songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living and loving in Nashville, eternally chasing truth and expression through the medium that connects us all... music.  Her fondness for sampling old songs from the Great American Songbook along with folk favorites adding unique arrangements is evident in her style. "These songs should never be forgotten.  I strive to keep them alive in my music."  Kirabelle infuses her own compositions with elements of folk and jazz utilizing a variety of  instruments - ukulele, banjolele, guitar, cello, fiddle, piano, melodica, mandolin, dulicimer, flutes, whistles, and autoharp.  "It is my great hope to inspire others to research and recognize the glorious treasures left to us by those who've come before, tip our hats, pay tribute, and continue on, re-inventing the musical 'wheel.'" 

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Can't Sleep (LIVE @ GBS)

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Kirabelle Frabotta


Recorded Live @ Groove Box Studios in Detroit in April, 2013.  One take, one shot, no edits.

Kirabelle Frabotta - Guitar, vocals; Josh Dent - Cello

**Voted one of the Best of 2012 - WDET's 101.9 FM - Ann Delisi's Essential Music Sampler

Recorded Live @ Groove Box Studios in Detroit in April.  One take, one shot, no edits.

Kirabelle Frabotta - Ukulele, vocals; Josh Dent - Cello

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Can't Sleep
I think about you
When I Dream
I Dream about you
In my waking hours as the Sun comes up
I realize...
You're the one I long to touch.
Oh, oh oh ohhh.

Sing a Love Song
Sing about You.
Bittersweet Songs
To relieve all my blues.
Lie awake almost every night thinking
Are you out there...
Wishing you could hold me tight?

The Bridge to your heart may be a creaky one
Fire below and Smoke above.
But I will take on all that's under the Sun
You're the only one I want to Love.

Take a walk as the Sun settin light shimmers over the treetops.
Try with all my might to fight these feelings deep down inside
Little Voice within me sayin "Give In, Girl Give In
Open up your heart, don't be afraid
Let it happen to you...
What's the worst it could do?"