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Born and raised in the Detroit area, Kirabelle is a singer / songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living and loving in Nashville, eternally chasing truth and expression through the medium that connects us all... music.  Her fondness for sampling old songs from the Great American Songbook along with folk favorites adding unique arrangements is evident in her style. "These songs should never be forgotten.  I strive to keep them alive in my music."  Kirabelle infuses her own compositions with elements of folk and jazz utilizing a variety of  instruments - ukulele, banjolele, guitar, cello, fiddle, piano, melodica, mandolin, dulicimer, flutes, whistles, and autoharp.  "It is my great hope to inspire others to research and recognize the glorious treasures left to us by those who've come before, tip our hats, pay tribute, and continue on, re-inventing the musical 'wheel.'" 

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Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol


Kirabelle Frabotta - guitars, Ukulele, vocals

One of THE dance anthems of my youth.  I always danced, "as if no one was watching."
I probably looked like an idiot most of the time, limbs flailing around,
butt-length brown hair flying in peoples faces (if there were even people on the dance floor).
Growing up in a radio studio, (my mom was a DJ/ Station Manager at local radio station for a
good portion of my childhood) exposed me to so much music... especially that of the alternative/punk rock genre.
I remember going to Daddy Daughter dances with my dad and making up the
craaaaziest footwork when I was 7 or 8. This song reminds me of all of those times.

Don't be afraid to dance with yourself/ free your spirit and enjoy each moment to the absolute fullest!!
I have to remember that more as an adult ... I think we all do. :)

P.S. I always thought the lyrics were:
"If I had the Chance, I'd TEACH THE WORLD TO DANCE"
It wasn't until TODAY that I realized the words actually are:
"If I had the chance I'd ASK THE ONE TO DANCE"
Sometimes, I like my own version better, eh? hahah